Revive Your Skin with Next Gen Microneedling RF

Introducing Vivace Microneedling RF at Dermatology Center of Loudoun.  As you age, the effects of your genetics, UV rays, inflammation, and the environment accumulate to break down your skin and its supportive elements.  The goal of many of our therapies is to stimulate and revive your skin’s waning ability to rebuild itself.  Vivace is our latest, most effective, and most comfortable tool for accomplishing this rejuvenation!

Vivace represents the next generation of microneedling technology, featuring RF energy, for maximal stimulation of skin rejuvenation.  Gone are the days of “vampire” needle devices leaving a bloody immediate outcome and questionable long-term outcome.  Vivace uses an array of superfine needles (almost as fine as a brush’s bristles) whose application and penetration is robotically controlled and fine-tuned to each patient’s skin and skin issues, such as:  wrinkles, laxity, acne and other scars, large pores and other textural issues.

RF energy is released only at the lower pole of the needles, thus controlled thermal injury is limited only to the lower dermal layer of skin, where the stimulation of collagen, elastin, and other structural components occurs.  Because this process occurs entirely underneath the skin, Vivace is safe on even darker skin, and in the summer months.  Vivace also allows deeper targeted delivery of topical peptides, growth factors, PRP, and other nutrients of skin remodeling.

Most importantly, based on Vivace’s characteristics above, treatments are hugely more comfortable than ablative laser treatments of the past, and cause no downtime.

Download the Vivace brochure and FAQ 

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