Laser Hair Removal

We want to make laser hair removal JUST laser hair removal with our new platform — Clarity II by Lutronic.  The above issues are beautifully addressed with this laser:

  1. Pain – Cryogen cooling spray is integrated into the device so that literally each laser pulse is preceeded by milliseconds with a cooling and numbing spray to the skin.  This massively decreases pain and also protects the skin from burning and other side effects.  Our own staff and patients agree:  sensitive areas such as the upper lip, underarms, and bikini are no longer painful to treat and treatments are no longer a “big deal!”
  2. Treatment time – The duration of each LHR treatment really has to do with how large an area is covered with each laser pulse (also called spot size).  Clarity II has spots sizes over twice as large as previous lasers and thus, treatment times can be cut in half!  This is particularly important for large regions such as legs or arms where treatment times were previously excruciatingly long.  Now patients get in and get out — no big deal.
  3. Side effects – The main way of preventing side effects from LHR is using the correct laser wavelength and strength for a specific skin type (color of skin) and protecting the skin and its structures with cooling (see above).  Clarity II uses two different types of built-in lasers for lighter skin or darker skin (including African-American skin) that are quickly switchable. This combined with a massive range of power settings allows for custom settings for each patient’s skin type and hair type (color and caliber).
  4. Cost – The new technology of the Clarity II comes at no extra cost than previous LHR treatments and packages; pricing has not changed for the past 10 years and includes large discounts for multiple treatment areas.


As you can tell, there is a lot that goes into making laser hair removal just laser hair removal.  Our doctors at DCL have gone through all the issues for you and want to make your next treatment package a simple and effective one — as well as the last one you’ll need!  Book an appointment today for a treatment by one of our doctors!

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“Just wanted to compliment the office on the professionalism… Each time I have come in, its’s been a great experience; doesn’t even feel like I’m going to a doctor’s office. Thank you so much! And, this is why I recommend your office more than others. It’s the quality of care!”

– George King
“Sofia’s radiant smile shows a person that loves her profession. She makes me happy when I see her and she is helping me get better. I trust her completely to make any decisions regarding my treatment because she is knowledgeable, competent and most important – caring”.

– Barbara O., psoriasis

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